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This price list is valid until the next edition is released. Each new published price list cancels and replaces the previous one.


The prices shown in the price list are expressed in Euro and are understood to be net of VAT and net of transport costs, which will be indicated and calculated separately. The agreed prices are calculated based on the costs in place when printing the price list. Therefore, the introduction of new costs and/or charges of any kind or the change in existing ones entails corresponding price changes. In any case, the price defined and communicated at the time of order will be true between the parties.


The purchase order is not challenging for the seller. The sale ended with the receipt by the buyer of the payment of the amount of the order.


Our invoices are payable:
– Bank transfer at the time of order,
– Paypal,
– Mastercard and Visa credit cards and by circular check.
– Other conditions to be agreed.
Failure to and/or late payment will result in the application of outstanding amounts of ex-default interest. D.lgs.09/10/2002 n. 231

For orders valued at more than 1000.00 or for orders for non-catalog items and/or made specifically for the customer, the seller reserves the right to request the payment of a down payment to the order by bank transfer. The place of payment is always understood to be the domicile of the seller even if special forms of payment are agreed by means of promissory note, bank receipts or the like.


The seller will take care that, because of the weight and size of the item, a primary carrier is responsible for transporting the goods sold. With the return of the goods to the carrier, the seller fulfills the obligation to deliver and the ownership of the thing is transferred to the buyer. The goods sold then travel on behalf and at the risk and danger of the buyer and the seller is not liable for deterioration and/or mischief and/or other damage derived to the goods during transport. Upon arrival at the fate of the goods, the buyer has the burden of verifying the goods and noting on the accompanying bubble any failures and/or other damages detected by immediately complaining to the transporter.


The terms of delivery indicated in the order confirmation are not binding on the seller, having a purely indicative and presumptive character, and are understood to be in the exclusive favour of the seller and from the date of the order confirmation. However, after 90 days from the date of the order confirmation without the goods being delivered, the buyer has the right to withdraw from the sale. Withdrawal must be communicated to the seller by recommended fax or certified e-mail. In addition to the possibility of withdrawal, no other claim, not even compensation, can be made by the buyer.


The assembly of the purchased items is exclusively the purchaser’s care. At the request of the seller, the seller may provide staff outside the prices and conditions set at the time of order.


– Items included in the previous price list but not in the current price list, if available, will be provided at updated prices. These prices will be communicated to the customer by the seller before the order is completed. The ordering of these items, extra-list prices, cannot be considered “mail-order” under the law regulating sales made outside the commercial premises Legislative Decree 15.01.1992 No. 50 and therefore does not fall under the scope of enforcement of that law. This excludes the possibility of withdrawal provided for by the aforementioned law.
– Special running items (even if offered in the price list), that is, made at the express request of the customer or other non-catalog items made and/or provided by indication, design etc. of the customer, they cannot be considered “mail-order sales” under the law regulating sales made outside the commercial premises Legislative Decree 15.01.1992 No. 50 and therefore does not fall within the scope of that law. This excludes the possibility of withdrawal provided for by the aforementioned law.


The seller recognizes the buyer’s right to withdraw. Under the Legislative Decree 15 January 1992, No 50, the purchaser may take advantage of this right within 10 working days (saturday excluded) from the receipt of the goods by sending notice to the seller, within that period (the postal stamp is true), by means recommended letter with receipt notice. The communication can also be sent by e-mail or fax to be sent within the above deadlines, provided that it is confirmed with a recommended letter with receipt notice, in the same way, within the next 48 hours. The buyer is required to return the goods received within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt, meaning as the expiration period the time when the goods are delivered for return to the post office or carrier. The cost of shipping is borne by the buyer. The substantial integrity of the goods is an essential requirement for the exercise of the faculty of withdrawal.
The seller agrees to reimburse the buyer the amount that may have been paid without accruing interest. Ancillary expenses are excluded from the reimbursement.


Items included in the price list are covered by warranty for quality vices/defects and/or manufacture for the duration of 1 years from the date of shipment. The operation of the guarantee is subject to the payment by the purchaser of the overdue amounts which therefore cannot be delayed and/or withheld by the purchaser. In any case, the buyer declines from the right to guarantee if he does not report the vices to the seller in the seven days from the discovery or delivery in case of apparent defects. Under that guarantee, the seller, having ascertained the existence of the defect and the operating conditions of the guarantee, replaces the item or, in case of unavailability of the same, the reimbursement of the price paid buyer’ The buyer acknowledges that the seller is in no way liable for any damage caused directly and/or indirectly from defects and/or defects in the goods, as well as due to the necessary management of the supplied goods.


The delivery of the goods to the shipper or carrier produces the transfer of the property to the buyer and from that moment the goods travel on behalf and at the exclusive risk and danger of the buyer himself, with a totally liberating effect for the buyer. Seller. As a result, the seller cannot be held liable for deterioration, mismatches, delays, fines and any other injury, direct or indirect, that affects the goods during the journey. It is therefore up to the buyer to take care of the claims, complaints and actions against third carriers, shippers and/or any insurance companies. The seller reserves the right to use all legal means at her disposal to obtain what is owed.


The law applicable to the sales contract is Italian law. The parties agree that for any dispute arising from the interpretation and/or execution of the sales agreement. The only competent forum will be Bolzano (BZ).


(Legislative Decree June 30, 2003, No. 196 Personal Data Protection Code) Please note that:
– personal data is processed by us at the paper and IT level and collected at our headquarters, in order to comply with obligations imposed by law, regulations, and EU legislation and to manage the relationships that have been in place at every stage (pre-contract, contractual dispute, litigation, etc.);
– that the data in our possession will not be disclosed, nor communicated to third parties for commercial purposes, subject to limits under art. 16 D Lgs196/2003; Access right
In accordance with the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 No. 196 (“Code for the Protection of Personal Data”), you have the right to access and rectify your personal data.
If you wish to exercise this right, just write to:
P&O by Perkmann Georg – Constantine Street, 4 – 39050 Fiè al Sciliar (BZ).


Any request for information, right of access or opposition related to the protection of personal data practiced by our company can be forwarded to our specialized service by sending an e-mail to [email protected]it or writing to P&O by Perkmann Georg – Via Constantine, 4 – 39050 Fiè al Sciliar (BZ).